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40 years experience, direct and active involvement with every client, knowledge and experience in the industry.


Banking & lending expert witness


Loan Review


Fraud Detection


Lending Standards

Cambria Associates has provided consulting services to the banking industry for more than 24 years including:

Banking and Lending Expert Witness Services

  • Banking & lending expert witness
  • loan review
  • fraud detection
  • lending standards
  • loan policy
  • regulatory compliance
  • lender liability
  • loan workout
  • commercial real estate
  • loan underwriting and administration
  • fiduciary duties
  • financial analysis
  • loan documentation

Serving more than 100 clients over the years

Serving more than 100 clients over the years, and currently working with 30 banks, thrifts and credit unions with assets ranging from $100 million to $12 billion, Cambria Associates operates primarily in the Chicago area, but also in New York, California, Florida, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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